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  • Run or bike any time on a treadmill or stationary bike, outside, by yourself, or with friends.
  • Submit your time between July 2nd and July 5th to be eligible for awards and prizes!
  • If you have a GPS watch or tracking app, use that to track your miles. Then, upload a link to your activity when you submit your results. If you don't have one of those, don't worry -- your time will still count.

Most Recent Finishers

Runner Location Finish Time Activity
1 Jeffery Garrison Jr Denver, CO 44:34 10K Run
2 Berenice Mendoza Del Mar, CA 25:57 5K Run
3 Josh Donoghue Portland, OR 51:10 10K Run
4 Heather Bunkley Allen Jonesboro, AR 45:52 5K Run
5 Kristofer Johnson Minneapolis, MN 1:01:45 10K Run
6 Corey Clark Denver, CO 1:00:00 15M Bike Ride
7 Chris Carrillo 1:15:00 5K Run
8 Kevin Rutherford Seattle, WA 44:00 15M Bike Ride
9 Tony Orozco Reseda, CA 44:47 10K Run
10 Mike Sommers Palatine, IL 17:37 5K Run

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Fastest Times - 5K Run Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Carla McAlister San Clemente, CA 19:19
2 Katie Gellings North Fond du Lac, WI 19:33
3 Sarah Mahaney Montgomery, IL 19:40

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Fastest Times - 5K Run Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Ernesto A. Ramirez Naperville, IL 17:10
2 Vishal Patel Seattle, WA 17:18
3 Mike Sommers Palatine, IL 17:37

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Fastest Times - 10K Run Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Nikki Baca-smith Portland, OR 39:22
2 Liz Turner Minneapolis, MN 39:44
3 carrie birth scottsdale, AZ 42:03

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Fastest Times - 10K Run Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Jim Clemens Madison, AL 37:38
2 Cody McPherson Denver, CO 37:58
3 Joshua Rogers Indianapolis, IN 38:16

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Fastest Times - 15M Bike Ride Female

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Kari Oversvee-Choi Bothell, WA 34:25
2 Amy Pagac Austintown, OH 46:28
3 Lisa Furumoto Temple City, CA 47:16

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Fastest Times - 15M Bike Ride Male

Runner Location Finish Time
1 Peter Beels Seattle, WA 34:00
2 Andy Wellman St Charles, IL 36:50
3 Dean Traiger Cape Coral, FL 39:33

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